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Competences and responsibilities

In order to accomplish its mission, EYP exercises the following powers:
  • To collect and provide information and data, make evaluations and submit recommendations to the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection and other competent Ministers about the prevention or aversion of threats towards national security or the democratic regime, as well as the protection of the country’s national interests.
  • To seek, collect, process and provide intelligence, in the context of the preceding paragraph, mainly on matters relating to the activities of terrorist organizations or other organized crime groups in the fields of trafficking of human beings, human organs, weapons, drugs or other prohibited substances, mainly nuclear, radiobiological and chemical substances (NRBC), as well as on matters relating to money laundering.
  • To coordinate, in the context of KYSEA decisions, the activities of the country’s intelligence and security services in the field of collection and dissemination of information relating to its mission. Also, to cooperate with and inform the Military Intelligence Directorate (DDSP) and the intelligence services of the Staffs supervised thereby on matters of their competence.
  • To prevent and handle espionage activities against the country.
  • To provide the State’s competent crisis management bodies with necessary information to assist them in their mission.
  • To provide competent bodies of the Ministry of National Defense with information support within the boundaries of its authority, necessary for the operational planning of the National Defense General Staff.
  • To serve as Information Security Technical Authority (INFOSEC) and procure, pursuant to the provisions of article 2 (4) of Presidential Decree 325/2003 (Government Gazette 273 A’), the security of national communications and information technology systems, as well as the certification of classified national communications material. The certification shall be given against the payment of a fee, the level of which shall be determined by joint resolution of the Ministers of Public Order and Citizen Protection and Economy & Finance.
  • To be designated as National Authority against Electronic Attacks, competent for preventing and statically and actively dealing with electronic attacks against communication networks, information storage facilities and computer systems, pursuant to the provisions of article 2 (3) of Presidential Decree 325/2003.
  • To cooperate with relevant Services of other countries and international organizations for the more effective performance of its duties.
  • To prepare, on the basis of available intelligence, information bulletins, studies and reports, which shall be forwarded to the competent authorities.