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Historical background of eyp

The key feature of every Intelligence Service, including EYP, is intelligence collection and procession, in view of safeguarding the country and averting potential dangers and conspiracies.

The history of the Greek Intelligence Services begins in 1924. This is so because the previous function of intelligence collection was incorporated within the functional framework of the Army. Since then, the Intelligence Service has undergone various stages, all invariably linked to the main pillars of internal politics and social life as well as to international developments, which influenced its course, from the day of its establishment until today.

Having this in mind, as well as the significance attributed, even since ancient times, to “clandestine activity”, as a means of safeguarding and promoting the interests of every state, in the following text we will attempt to present, as far as the available data renders it possible, the history of the National Intelligence Service, focusing on the period from 1974 until nowadays.

Specifically, the examination of the history of EYP is realized in five time periods, which may be considered as full historical 'cycles’ and ‘chronological landmarks’, which determined the end and beginning of a historical period in the course of the functioning of EYP. These time periods are:

α) 1953-1967,

β) 1967-1974,

γ) 1974-1986,

δ) 1986-1999,

ε) 1999-today.