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EYP today, having become completely civilian through the appointment of its First and Second Deputy Directors from within its civilian active personnel has set its priorities:

  • To improve its performance even further and through systematic work, to accomplish its difficult task.
  • To strengthen its existing cooperation with other authorities in Greece and abroad, thus reinforcing its ability to respond to contemporary legal, political, strategic, social and economic developments concerning all matters which may constitute threats or offenses for our national security.
  • To continue its modernization on its legal framework, infrastructure and human resources.
  • Finally, to open up to the citizen - as much as this is possible - in order for its mission, work and contribution towards the security of the state, to be better understood, since after all, the final recipient of its work is the Greek society.

The first results are visible in this direction, as many of the above objectives have been realized. For example, existing cooperation schemes have been reinforced on all security sectors, new ones have been created, while others are in the process of materialization. New human resources have been added, while according to new Law 3649/2008, “EYP and other Provisions” (Official Government Gazette A’ 39), the increase of the Service’s effectiveness is pursued, with full respect for constitutional and international legality for Human Rights and the provisions of a State of Law, but at the same time, with an effective control of its activity, through meaningful forms of control. Thus EYP “will keep up with the models of important, contemporary Intelligence Services, adapted of course to Greek reality, including some contemporary elements, necessary for Greece of the 21st century[1].

Finally, as far as the Service’s opening up to the society is concerned, this website constitutes the first step through which you may be informed about the Service’s mission and ask questions to which you will receive correct and credible answers.

[1] Statements of the Director General of EYP, Ambassador I. Corantis, newspapers “Vradini” and Eleftheros Typos”, 12/12/05.

1999 – TODAY

A milestone year for EYP was 1997 (September), when the country undertook the responsibility of holding the Olympic Games of 2004. The new responsibilities constituted a challenge for the Service and especially for its personnel, due to the magnitude of the whole venture, which it is possible to summarize as follows:
EYP becomes the basic pillar and valuator of any threats which might affect the security environment before and after the Games, as well as the security of the participating athletic delegations, of the guests and of Greek citizens. In other words, it becomes the locomotive force towards the configuration of the security environment of the country, through the prevention of potential threats deriving from abroad.

Within this framework and after a small period of introversion due to the Ocalan[1]case- which nevertheless was successfully tackled by the Service’s new leadership - EYP began its preparation in order to achieve the great target. First, it reinforced its staff through two open competitions as well as its technological infrastructure, which both served the mission of its staff, for the improvement of their performance and of the Service in general.

At the same time, the staff went through cycles of specialized training in various fields, within and outside the Service, a need which contributes to their further strengthening.

In our country’s direction towards the achievement of the great event – the successful conduct of the Olympic Games and the best possible coordination between all authorities involved – the supervision of the National Intelligence Service is assigned to the Minister of Public Order[2].

Gradually and as the time was approaching for the great event, the Service was attracting the attention of foreign Intelligence Services, while at the same time, the level of cooperation between the competent authorities in Greece increased. The interest of foreign Intelligence Services, which contributed to the secure organization of the Games, was further heightened after 11/9/2001 and EYP was designated the lead authority of communication and cooperation in the even greater effort to secure and armor the country against dangers which today, are known as “asymmetric threats”.

The contribution of EYP in specific fields, through the collection and provision of intelligence, to the dismantlement of the terrorist organization “17 November”[3],”, its participation in alertness exercises organized by the Directorate for the Security of the Olympic Games, as well as the creation of the Olympic Games Intelligence Center, where daily analysis and assessments were produced for the security of the State from external threats with a parallel briefing of the representatives of foreign Intelligence Services, constitute elements which corroborate the extent of the Service’s task and its contribution during that period, as well as of the general orientation of the Service, as a National Intelligence Service.

As the media pointed out at that time, EYP was called to:

  • Provide processed intelligence and threat assessments on a prefixed diagram, or special ones according to developments.
  • Contribute with its Liaisons to the evaluation, processing and synthesis of processed or raw intelligence which were transmitted to or obtained by the Olympic Intelligence Center, for the final evaluation of the threats.
  • • Assist accreditation procedures, through the Service’s own screenings[4] .

During that time, EYP, within the framework of what was attainable and with respect for clandestine activity, on which National Intelligence Services of all democratic states are based on, ceases to constitute a "taboo" for Greek citizens. The then Director General, through a series of interviews to the Greek Press, explains the responsibilities and the contemporary profile of the Greek National Intelligence Service[5].

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