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According to the Law 3649/2008, EYP’s mission – always within the framework of the Constitution and legislation – is the quest for collection, processing and disclosure of intelligence to all competent authorities, relating to:
  • The protection and promotion of the political, financial, military and – generally – the State’s national strategic interests
  • The prevention and confrontation of activities constituting a threat against the democratic regime, fundamental human rights, the territorial integrity and national security of the Greek State, as well as national wealth
  • The prevention and confrontation of the activities of terrorist organizations and other groups of organized crime.
At times of war, mobilization or direct threat against national security, EYP is subordinate to the Head of the National Defence General Staff who, through EYP’s Director General, exercises full control over all matters relating to the Service’s contribution towards the defence and security of the State. In the event of any action aiming to violently abolish the democratic regime, EYP, by decision of the Governmental Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA), operates as a central service for the management of all State Intelligence.