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A brief timeline of greek history


3000 b.C.
Bronze Age
The first walled settlements in the Mediterranean

2000 b.C.
Formation and evolution of the Minoan, Cycladic and Mycenaean Civilization

2000-1500 b.C.
Minoan civilization reaches its peak, its central power in Knossos

1650 b.C.
Formation of the Minoan "Linear A"
Phaistos Disc

1600 b.C.
The Mycenaean Civilization flourishes in the Greek mainland

1500 b.C.
Formation of the Mycenaean "Linear B"
Eruption of the Santorini volcano

1450 b.C.
First destruction of Minoan Crete

1100 b.C.
Collapse of the Mycenaean Civilization
"Dorian invasion"
Second destruction of the Minoan Crete
Formation of the Phoenician Alphabet
Foundation of Sparta
Beginning of the Iron Age in the Aegean

900 b.C.
Beginning of the Geometric Period

800 b.C.
Beginning of the Archaic Period
Monarchies are replaced by aristocratic regimes

776 b.C.
The First Olympic Games

750 b.C.
Foundation of Greek colonies in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
The art of music flourishes
Stone monument architecture
Literature: Homer (Iliad - Odyssey) and Hesiod (Theogony, Works and Days)

1st Messenian War

683 b.C.
Aristocratic law in Athens

650 b.C.
Rise of Tyranny
Lycurgos’ reforms in Sparta
Lyric poetry

640 b.C.
2nd Messenian War

624 b.C.
Codification of the Athenian legislation by Draco

594 b.C.
Solon’s reforms in Athens

585 b.C.
Development of Philosophy and Sciences
Thales and Anaximandros

561 b.C.
Peisistratus tyranny in Athens

546 b.C.
Persians establish rule over the Greek speaking cities in Ionia (Asia Minor)

507 b.C.
Cleisthenes’ reforms in Athens

499-494 b.C.
Outbreak of Ionian Revolt

494 b.C.
Destruction of Miletus by the Persians

490 b.C.
Beginning of the Persian Wars
Persian invasion and their defeat in the battle of Marathon

480 b.C.
Battle of Thermopylae
Capture of Athens by the Persians and destruction of the Acropolis
Naval battles of Artemisium and Salamis
Battle of Himera

479 b.C.
Defeat of Persians at Plataea
End of Persian Wars
Beginning of Classical Period

478 b.C.
Formation of the 1st Delian League

469 b.C.
Birth of Socrates in Athens

465 b.C.
Expedition of Athens at the Thracian Peninsula
Apostasy and defeat of Thasos

462 b.C.
Democratic reforms in Athens

460 b.C.
Birth of Hippocrates in Kos
The sculptors Pheidias and Polycletus begin their work

450 b.C.
Golden Age of Athens

448 b.C.
Athenian domination
Construction of Parthenon begins

445 b.C.
Declaration of a 30 year peace between Athens and Sparta

443-429 b.C.
Pericles dominates the Athenian political scene

433 b.C.
Completion of the temple of Parthenon

431 b.C.
Beginning of the Peloponnesian War

430 b.C.
Plague in Athens

429 b.C.
Death of Pericles

427 b.C.
1st Sicilian Expedition

411 b.C.
Oligarchic insurgency in Athens

404 b.C.
Domination of Sparta
Athens under the rule of the Thirty Tyrants

399 b.C.
Socrates is sentenced to death

395 b.C.
Corinthian war

359 b.C.
Accession of Philip II to the throne οf Macedonia

352 b.C.
Construction of the Greek Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

343 b.C.
Aristotle begins to tutor Alexander in the Macedonian royal court

338 b.C.
Philip II defeats Athens and Macedonia becomes the leading power among Greek city states

336 b.C.
Assassination of Philip II
Accession of Alexander to the throne of Macedonia

336-323 b.C.
Greeks, under Alexander’s leadership, invade Asia

333 b.C.
Alexander the Great defeats Persians at the Battle of Issos

332 b.C.
Foundation of the city of Alexandria in Egypt

331 b.C.
Alexander conquers the Persian Empire and part of India

326 b.C.
Alexander crosses the Indus river

323 b.C.
Death of Alexander in Babylon
His empire is partitioned among his successors – Hellenistic Kingdoms

290 b.C.
Construction of the Colossus of Rhodes

281 b.C.
Foundation of Achaean Confederacy