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Home: General Information - A Brief Timeline of Greek History - Byzantine Times
A brief timeline of greek history

Byzantine times

324 a.D.
Foundation of Constantinople

Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire

325 a.D.
The 1st Ecumenical Council condemns Aryanism

363-364 a.D.
Byzantines and Persians sign a peace treaty

379 a.D.
Theodosius I repels the Goths

381 a.D.
Foundation of the Patriarchate of Alexandria
The 2nd Ecumenical Council condemns Aryanism

393 a.D.
Abolishment of the Olympic Games by Emperor Theodosius I

395 a.D.
Visigoths plunder the Balkans. The Roman Empire is divided into Eastern and Western

431 a.D.
The 3rd Ecumenical Council condemns Nestorianism

441 a.D.
The Huns cross the Danube.

451 a.D.
4th Ecumenical Council condemns the Monophysite heresy

476 a.D.
End of the Western Roman Empire

527 a.D.
Justinian assumes the throne of the Eastern Empire
During his reign the Byzantine Empire reconquers its western part and reaches its greatest expansion

534-540 a.D.
Slave forays. Franks and Persians in various parts of the Byzantine Empire

560-570 a.D.
Slave forays

565-591 a.D.
Byzantine-Persian wars

614-619 a.D.
Persians, Slaves and Avars forays

626 a.D.
Siege of Constantinople by Persians and Avaro-Slaves

630 a.D.
Emperor Herakleios liberates Jerusalem from the Persians

677-678 a.D.
First Arab siege of Constantinople

680 a.D.
6th Council of Constantinople – Monothelitism is declared unorthodox

681 a.D.
Foundation of the first Bulgarian state

717 a.D.
2nd Arab siege of Constantinople

726-787 a.D.
1st Period of Iconoclasm

787 a.D.
7th Ecumenical Council of Nicea restores the veneration of icons

815 a.D.
2nd period of Iconoclasm begins

823-828 a.D.
The Arabs conquer Crete

843 a.D.
Restoration of icons

860 a.D.
Russians outside the walls of Constantinople
Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople
Cyril and Methodius at Moravia and Crimaea

864 a.D.
Bulgars accept Christianity

867 a.D.
The 2nd Schism between Eastern and Western Church

894-927 a.D.
Attacks of Bulgarian ruler Symeon, to conquer Constantinople

934 a.D.
Hungarian attacks

941 a.D.
Russian attacks

961 a.D.
The Byzantines reconquer Crete from the Arabs

1030-1058 a.D.
Hungarians accept Christianity

1054 a.D.
Permanent schism between Eastern and Western Church

1065-1080 a.D.
The Seljuk Turks conquer parts of the Byzantine Empire

1071 a.D.
Byzantines are defeated at Manzikert by Seljuk Turks, who henceforth take control over Asia Minor

1098-1099 a.D.
The Crusaders conquer Jerusalem

1189-1191 a.D.
3rd Crusade
The Crusaders conquer Cyprus

1202 a.D.
4th Crusade

1204 a.D.
The Crusaders conquer Constantinople

1439 a.D.
The Council of Ferrara-Florence on the reunion of the Eastern and Western Church

1453 a.D.
(29th of May) The Turks conquer Constantinople