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A brief timeline of greek history


272 b.C.
The Greek cities of Southern Italy become Roman allies

246 b.C.
Eratosthenes makes close estimates of the Earth’s circumference

227 b.C.
Sicily and Sardinia become Roman provinces

204-196 b.C.
First Roman victories against the Greeks

202 b.C.
Carthage submits to Rome

150 b.C.
Stoa of Attalos is constructed

148 b.C.
Macedonia becomes a Roman province

146 b.C.
Destruction of Corinth by the Romans

140 b.C.
The first Judeans arrive in Thessaloniki from Alexandria

86 b.C.
Sulla sacks Athens

1ος αιώνας a.D.
Appearance and spreading of Christianity

6 a.D.
Judea becomes a Roman province

54 a.D.
Ouster of Judeans from Rome – Nero

64 a.D.
Fire in Rome
Persecution of Christians

70 a.D.
The Romans seize Jerusalem

249-251 και 303-305 a.D.
Persecution of Christians

306-337 a.D.
Constantine the Great, Sole Emperor

313 a.D.
The Edict of Milan is instituted declaring freedom of religion, allowing Christianity to be practiced in the Empire